The world’s famed hotel creates the exquisite interior design for their clients. As an essential component of modern hotel interior design, modern hotel furniture has a significant impact on the indoor environment as it expresses the hotel tastes and experiments with the latest trends. In this article, we’ve gathered the elegant and inspiring modern hotel furniture design in 2021, which is filled with innovative and stylish ideas for the modern hotel furniture project. From the top grandeur to seek modernism, you can find the best modern hotel furniture design ideas here.

Top 5 of the Best Modern Hotel Furniture Design Trend in 2021

According to the function of the hotel, there are many types of modern hotel furniture. The furniture in the public spaces for guests to rest includes sofas, chairs, coffee tables, etc. The dining area has a dining table, dining chair, bar, coffee table, and chairs. Generally, the types of hotel furniture are divided according to the size of the hotel. The wider the scale of the hotel, the more types of furniture that it needs to have. On the contrary, the functional requirements of economical hotel furniture are relatively simple, so the kinds of furniture in this hotel type are relatively reduced.


In the modern hotel furniture design, two aspects need to be focused on: comfort and practicability. In interior design, furniture has greatly related to people’s activities. As a result, the modern hotel furniture design needs to follow the principle of putting people first. Besides, the modern hotel furniture design’s decorativeness is of great value as it is vital in reflecting the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect.

Top 5 of the Best Modern Hotel Furniture Design Trend in 2021

With the rapid social changes, modern hotels have cleverly adapted to the development with a creative solution. Based on contemporary hotel furniture design aspects, the new trends continue to reshape today’s hospitality scene. From rethinking the configuration to ensuring the customers’ experience, here are some of the latest twists in the modern hotel furniture design in 2021:

1. Aesthetic Improvement of Furniture in Public Areas

In the IFC FF&E, we have seen many hotel projects dedicated to providing striking first impressions. The importance of public areas continues to grow as social encounters become more and more dependent on this particular area. The aesthetic improvement of modern hotel furniture in public spaces can cater to the aesthetic need of people. In the public area, the practicability of hotel furniture is relatively weakened, and the aesthetic is correspondingly strengthened to create a rich landscape effect.

2. Rethinking Guestroom Configurations

With the rapid development of the hospitality industry, the classic bed-table-locker combo is no longer enough to make a hotel room feel inviting. Professional hotel furniture designs must have a deep understanding of life. Apart from the traditional guestroom configurations, it should be developed with some of the trending ingredients such as suitable illumination configuration, set up a lounge area, and so on.

Top 5 of the Best Modern Hotel Furniture Design Trend in 2021

3. Application of New Technology and Material

The advancement and development of technology have laid a solid foundation for modern hotel furniture design. With the development of technology, the hospitality industry is increasingly applying new technologies and new materials to design hotel furniture and achieve the best combination of size, fabric, and material. In addition, new technology offers the possibility to adjust the air conditioning, air, even blinds via smartphones, which is generally considered a suitable promotion method.

4. The Increase of Cultural Elements in Custom Furniture

The national cultural tradition has become the source of inspiration in modern hotel furniture design. On the fertile of national cultural tradition, the designer can absorb good nutrition and create new works. There are many custom furniture brands in China, such as IFC FF&E, which is grown up in the fertile soil of these nourishing furniture designs.

5. Go All-in on the Sleep Experience Improvement

Wellness is the growing trend in hospitality marketing – and since weariness is a top complaint of travelers, hotels worldwide will continue to make sleep experience improvement a priority in 2021. Based on the research, hotel value is positively correlated with hotel quietness and bed comfort. For the same reasons, they have such selling points for hotel brands. Some chains even go further to sell mattresses and pillows. As an interesting sidebar, this speaks volumes about how big the actual bed design impact the guest’s stay.


Whether it is from the view of practicability or aesthetics, the design of custom hotel furniture must demonstrate the interaction with other indoor environments. IFC FF&E is a leading custom hotel furniture manufacturer specialized in making top-grade contract furniture for hotels, apartments, and shopping malls. It has provided high-quality bespoke furniture for every room in the house for both private and commercial clients across the globe.