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About Us

  • IFC has provided a completely custom FF&E supply and solutions for 5-star hotels, resorts, and luxury apartments with professional English service. We are one of the largest commercial hotel furniture suppliers in China, undertaking over 1000 international brand hotels worldwide.


  • As a furniture manufacturer, we have a modern standard factory of 38, 000 m2 with many international leading equipment holding an annual output value exceeding 200 million CNY.  


  • We have built up a professional team, especially in technology, design, and management, and utilize the highest production standards in compliance with ISO9001/ISO14001 standard requirements to offer you high-quality customized services.


  • Across our key FF&E business sectors, we also provide wooden, stainless steel, and aluminum claddings and screens in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings related in wall, roofing, and façade.


  • IFC can provide a wide range of complementary skills and expertise ranging from mock-up through project delivery to post-completion and aftercare services.








Why to choose us

As always, partner grows with you!


IFC implements the global standard-compliant management offering services to governments, royal families, luxury hospitality groups, and large-scale commercial projects. We strictly follow guidelines outlined by ISO 9001, ISO14001, and abide by a robust code of ethics.


No quality compromised above everything! IFC executes a strict quality control system, including material control (IQC), the production process control (IPQC), product quality control (OQC), and after-sale quality control (CQS). All furniture is produced under the rules of ISO9001 and ISO14001.


We’ve established solid client relationships with over 1000 international brand hotels because of our high-quality client service. Achieved over 1000 international brand hotels worldwide, the repeated clients are the best approvals of our integrity.

On Time

On-time delivery is our commitment to our customers, especially when making customized hotel furniture and using it at specified times. We open to having further discussions from negotiation, production, delivery to furniture installation.


Our team has more than two decades of experience in producing non-standard hotel furniture with the highest standard of work.


Quality and affordable prices are what we are here to do for our clients. You are able to tap into our expertise and save time, effort, and money. All our prices are clear and transparent. Every detail about the pricing is mentioned clearly.


We provide expert technical support for each project, offering a range of support services from shop drawings, site follow-up to technical support. We add value and save costs by proactively assessing a plan’s soundness - amplifying strengths and fortifying weaknesses.


We provide a series of comprehensive aftercare services such as regular call-back service during warranty period. We guarantee the repair or replacement of broken, damaged or missing spare parts with a keen time warranty.

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