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As a trustable and experienced fixed furniture manufacturer, IFC provides a wide selection of fixed furniture with custom design, including wooden panels, wooden finishes, vanity counter, mirror, wardrobe, and TV units. We provide different sizes, colors, and materials. Check the fixed furniture displayed below to find the fixed furniture you are interested in.


IFC Wholesale Fixed Furniture:

Wholesale Fixed Furniture for Hotels, Apartments, and Commercial Buildings

IFC provides a variety of custom furniture, which achieves a luxury sense with its remarkable quality. All the furniture and decoration are supplied with custom services according to different needs.


IFC Fixed Furniture Categories:

Fixed Furniture - Door

The door is an important part of a guest’s first impression of entering a commercial building. IFC with several types of doors that suit different circumstances can make a sense of luxury.


Fixed Furniture - Headboard

IFC manufactures high-end hotel fixed furniture including headboards. To bring a good experience for guests, IFC provides all the headboards with different types of materials, sizes, and colors.


Fixed Furniture - Mirror

The hotel mirror we provide has many different materials. With customized services, every mirror can be customized to suit your requests on colors, sizes, and materials.


Fixed Furniture - TV Unit

TV units are an essential part of improving the elegance of a hotel room. IFC delivers the fixed furniture - TV units with wallpaper, fabric, and wood-ware veneer finish. Choose the best suitable TV unit for high-end hotels.


Fixed Furniture - Vanity Counter

Vanity counter with dark oak, maple, marble frame, and so on are provided by the professional hotel fixed furniture manufacturer IFC with good qualities. A high-end vanity counter matters when the guest evaluates the stay.


Fixed Furniture - Wardrobe

To provide as much as possible storage space for guests, the experienced fixed furniture supplier IFC delivers qualified wardrobes with different styles, materials, and sizes that one of them must suit different requirements.


Fixed Furniture - Wooden Panel

Level up the luxury of a high-end hotel, IFC provides wooden panels including sycamore, American walnut, CNC pattern, etc. As a reliable high-end fixed furniture manufacturer, IFC offers the wooden panels strictly according to different needs.


Reasons for Choosing IFC Fixed Furniture:

  1. Natural materials

IFC considers the quality of the high-end furniture as the priority. All the different wooden materials, metal materials, etc., are guaranteed with high quality.


  1. Custom service

Custom service is provided by IFC furniture project solution. IFC delivers all the high-end furniture project solutions based on different requirements for any sites, including dimensions, width, length, etc.


  1. Budgeted wholesale price

As a reliable fixed furniture supplier, IFC supplies luxury fixed furniture at budgeted prices. Reasonable wholesale price is one of the advantages for choosing IFC as a fixed furniture supplier.


  1. Experienced fixed furniture supplier

As an experienced furniture supplier with years of experience, IFC cooperates with many different 5-star hotels globally. As an ISO9001/ISO14001certified hotel furniture project supplier, IFC is the best choice for hotel furniture projects.

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