Providing different wood finish furniture with years of experience, IFC is a reliable wood gloss supplier producing a variety of types of wood finish furniture with different materials. For example, sycamore, oak, mahogany, walnut, etc., are all provided with high qualities.


wood gloss

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wood gloss

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wood gloss

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Oak 01

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Oak 03


Mahogany 01

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IFC – Fixed Furniture Supplier

IFC FF&E is a professional and experienced ISO9001/ISO14001 fixed furniture supplier. To improve the luxury of a hotel, a variety of high-end fixed furniture are essential. Including different types of fixed furniture and materials. Since that, IFC is always the best choice to get custom hotel fixed furniture.


Hotel Wood Finish Furniture

IFC high-end wood finish furniture contains smooth surface that allows the wood furniture to maintain the luster and last longer from environmental damage. IFC supplies a variety of finishes for different types of woods, such as sycamore, oak, mahogany, oak, etc. Applying wood gloss can also improve the quality and performance of wood finish furniture.


Pros of IFC Hotel Wood Finish Furniture

  1. Natural & qualified materials

Wood varnish from IFC performs with high quality for any luxury wood finish furniture. The qualified materials used for the wood gloss are all-natural and reliable, which even protects the wooden furniture to last longer and easier to maintain.


  1. Customized service

IFC as an experienced wood finish furniture manufacturer produces high-quality customized wood gloss for different types of woods. Wood gloss such as lacquer, varnish, wax, polyurethane, etc.

  • Lacquer wood finish is with high gloss and makes the wood finish furniture to be shiny and smooth. Lacquer wood gloss is ideal for wood furniture such as cabinets, doors, and shelves.
  • The surface of a varnished wood finish furniture has a transparent wood finish surface, which highly protects the wood furniture itself and still performs the original look.
  • Wax wood finish furniture is easy to apply which requires reapplications frequently. The easy maintenance and easy application make it a popular wood gloss nowadays.
  • Polyurethane wood finish furniture is equipped with a durable waterproof surface, which offers high-quality protection for the wood furniture. Also, polyurethane enhances the natural looks of the wood finish furniture, which is suitable for luxury hotel furniture.


  1. Budgeted wholesale price

As a reliable luxury furniture supplier, IFC supplies furniture at budgeted prices. Reasonable wholesale price is one of the benefits for choosing IFC as a high-end furniture manufacturer.


  1. Experienced manufacturer and supplier

IFC is a luxury hotel furniture manufacturer providing furniture activities since 1993. Taking 1000 luxury hotels globally, IFC is confident to provide luxury one-stop furniture and turnkey solutions for hotels, resorts, and apartments.