Did you know that the average room rate in the United States is $120.01? With rates like that, one can’t help but wonder what the total cost of the room is, including the hotel furniture

One of the first things that hit you when you step into a hotel room is the furniture. Some are even so detailed that it convinces you that the hotel spent a pretty penny on its furniture. But how much does hotel furniture really cost? 

In this post, we take a deeper look into the cost of constructing hotel furniture and how to keep this cost at a minimum.

How Much Does Hotel Furniture Cost in Hotel Construction

The Importance of Hotel Furniture in Hotel Construction 

Hotel furniture is often the piece de resistance of hotels. Let’s put it this way, would you ever want to lodge in a hotel that lacked furniture? 

Also, people tend to cherish hotels with luxurious and comfortable hotel room furniture. 

Hotel room furniture is quintessential when it comes to assessing the overall stay of a guest at the hotel. 

Quality hotel furniture will always make a great first impression on your guests. To create a wow-effect on your guests by creating this aesthetic space, one has to consider hotel furniture during the construction. Beautifully crafted and designed furniture will, over time, raise the profit of the hotel. 

Before going into hotel construction, some level of planning needs to take place. One must first identify the target audience of the hotel, as this determines the type of hotel to construct, which would, in turn, affect the choice of furnishing. 

Think of it this way; you can’t have a hotel aimed at the rich and famous with furniture similar to that found at a local motel. 

Overall, furniture captures the essence and price tag of a hotel from the very moment a guest walks in. 

How Much Does Hotel Furniture Cost in Hotel Construction

Cost of Hotel Construction and Its Furniture 

Every hotel construction comes with a budget, which is affected by factors such as the hotel’s size, its location, where it would fit on the luxury scale, and its sustainability. 

It is standard practice to draw up an accurate budget using these factors. You would also need to consider fees for construction permits, land costs, development costs, FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment), labor, and equipment amongst others. 

Taking these details into consideration should help you determine the accurate cost of your construction. 

Scale wise, the average cost for construction currently stands at $22 million for a 3-star hotel with 100 rooms. The lowest one can expect to spend on construction is $7 million for a motel. For luxury hotels, construction rates start at $60 million for a 5-star hotel in an urban area. These rates are not fixed by any means, but they do provide a round figure of what one should expect to spend on construction. 

For most of these hotels, furniture takes up a hefty percentage of the budget, and for good reason. 

In an upscale hotel, the hotel room furniture and fixtures can account for 8% of the budget per room. According to the statistics reported in 2016, hotel furniture costs ranged from $10,000 for midscale rooms to $101,000 for luxury rooms.

How Much Does Hotel Furniture Cost in Hotel Construction

How to Control Hotel Furniture Costs?

While excellent hotel room furniture makes an impression on guests, no one wants to necessarily spend large chunks of a budget on a particular part of hotel construction. 

So how do you control it? You can start by considering the quality. A set of high-quality hotel furniture will bring you long-term value by less maintenance and replacement cost lost. When purchasing hotel furniture, you should focus on durability and sustainability. It is best to buy furniture that won’t need replacing every three years. 

Another way is to be involved in material selection. In terms of a furniture finish, you can either go the expensive route with a wood veneer finish or laminate finish. Both are aesthetically pleasing and add an upscale touch, but laminate is more pocket-friendly. 

You can also control costs by getting hotel room furniture custom made. 

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