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Wooden panel

As a professional internal wood paneling manufacturer, IFC offers a variety of high-quality interior cladding panels under different uses. For example, Sycamore veneer wood, CNC pattern wood, and American walnut, etc. The customized internal wood paneling is all wholesale at good prices. Providing high-quality internal wood paneling is always our priority.

IFC - Fixed Furniture Supplier

IFC FF&E is a professional and experienced ISO9001/ISO14001 fixed furniture supplier. To improve the luxury of a hotel, a variety of high-end fixed furniture are essential. Including different types of fixed furniture and materials. Since that, IFC is always the best choice to get custom hotel fixed furniture.


Internal Wood Paneling

High-quality internal wood paneling decorates and differentiates your hotel and other hotels. All of IFC luxury internal wood panelings are available with Sycamore, CNC pattern, American walnut, etc. with reliable wooden materials. Custom services are provided for every different site.


Pros of IFC Internal Wood Paneling

  1. Natural & qualified materials

IFC provides high-end internal wood paneling under a natural process. The internal wood paneling can improve the sense of luxury with well-design styles, including Sycamore, American walnut, etc.


  1. Customized service

IFC offers customized services under different needs for different sites. For instance, shiplap, board and batten, flat panels, raised panels, etc. Any type of customized wood panelings is provided based on your needs.

  • Shiplap style of wood panelings is featured with horizontal layouts that fully cover the walls. The surface will be sealed with a weatherproof seal to ensure its long-lasting. These low-cost wood panelings allow you to use them for apartments, hotels, etc.
  • Board and batten wood panelings are even more flexible in designing with additional dimensions to a wall or a ceiling. Its easy maintenance makes it to be used often for dining rooms of luxury hotels.
  • Flat wood panelings retain clear lines and polished surfaces, which make it easier to clean and maintain. Flat wood panelings bring a classical and elegant look that makes it popular for apartments, commercial malls, and luxury hotels.
  • Raised wood paneling is known for its classical looking with three-dimensional components. These wood panelings are connected from the bottom to the ceilings, which covers the whole wall and easier to maintain.  


  1. Budgeted wholesale price

As a reliable luxury furniture supplier, IFC supplies furniture at budgeted prices. Reasonable wholesale price is one of the benefits for choosing IFC as a high-end furniture manufacturer.


  1. Experienced hotel furniture manufacturer

IFC is a luxury hotel furniture manufacturer providing furniture activities since 1993. Taking 1000 luxury hotels globally, IFC is confident to provide luxury one-stop furniture and turnkey solutions for hotels, resorts, and apartments.

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