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With years of experience in providing hotel fixed furniture, IFC offers a wide selection of hotel room wardrobes with different materials and custom designs. The qualified hotel room wardrobes include bronze glass, wooden veneer, American walnut veneer, and maple veneer available to choose from. IFC offers custom sizes, and colors.

IFC - Fixed Furniture Supplier

IFC FF&E is a professional and experienced ISO9001/ISO14001 fixed furniture supplier. To improve the luxury of a hotel, a variety of high-end fixed furniture are essential. Including different types of fixed furniture and materials. Since that, IFC is always the best choice to get custom hotel fixed furniture.


Hotel Room Wardrobe

IFC high-end hotel wardrobes provide wide storage spaces. The hotel room wardrobes are available in different colors, sizes, and materials. For instance, bronze glass, wooden veneer, American walnut veneer, maple veneer, etc.


Pros of IFC Hotel Room Wardrobe

  1. Natural & qualified materials

IFC hotel room wardrobes are available in bronze glass door panels, and natural marble. All the high-quality hotel room wardrobes are provided in compliance with ISO9001/ISO14001 standard requirements.


  1. Customized service

IFC provides hotel room wardrobes with high-quality customized services. Including sizes, colors, materials, dimensions, etc. that suit any customized sites under ISO9001/ISO14001 standard requirements.

  • Hinged door wardrobes with widely-open doors create more activity spaces. IFC high-end hinged door wardrobes are easier to manage storage.
  • Freestanding wardrobes are easy to move and store, which are flexible to fit in any high-end sites based on different requests.
  • Sliding door wardrobes require less space on door-opening, which provides a more flexible placement for sliding door wardrobes.
  • Walk-in wardrobes require a large room space to place. A luxury walk-in wardrobes create wide and flexible storage space in storing guest's belongings.


  1. Budgeted wholesale price

As a reliable luxury furniture supplier, IFC supplies furniture at budgeted prices. Reasonable wholesale price is one of the benefits for choosing IFC as a high-end furniture manufacturer.


  1. Experienced manufacturer and supplier

IFC is a luxury hotel furniture manufacturer providing furniture activities since 1993. Taking 1000 luxury hotels globally, IFC is confident to provide luxury one-stop furniture and turnkey solutions for hotels, resorts, and apartments.

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