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Vanity Counter

IFC has many different kinds of fixed furniture. For instance, IFC provides a custom hotel counter with high-quality guaranteed. A variety of hotel counter materials is provided, such as dark oak veneer, maple veneer with natural marble, marble frame, maple veneer, and so on. The customized hotel counter at a good price could satisfy any of your requests due to different designs. Learn more from the IFC hotel counter!

IFC - Fixed Furniture Supplier

IFC FF&E is a professional and experienced ISO9001/ISO14001 fixed furniture supplier. To improve the luxury of a hotel, a variety of high-end fixed furniture are essential. Including different types of fixed furniture and materials. Since that, IFC is always the best choice to get custom hotel fixed furniture.


Hotel Counter

Hotel counters are used in hotel washrooms for guest’s dressing. IFC high-end hotel counters consist of many different reliable natural materials. All the materials are available for choices, such as dark oak veneer, maple veneer with natural marble, marble frame, maple veneer, etc. Custom services are specially for different sites.


Pros of IFC Hotel Counter

  1. Natural & qualified materials

IFC provides high-end hotel counters with high-quality materials. The hotel counters compact with natural marble tops, which even level up the sense of luxury. Additionally, a trustable hardware brand from German called Hafele provides high-quality hardware.


  1. Customized service

IFC accepts custom requests for different sites based on different scenarios. For instance, glass shelves, and metal handles are available for different hotel counter finish.

  • Freestanding vanity counters are customized based on different needs. A freestanding hotel vanity counter is flexible and convenient to move.
  • Wall-mount vanity counters, known as floating vanity counters, can be easier to clean the bottom areas and save space.
  • Corner vanity counters fit and save space for small hotel bathrooms. A corner vanity counter enables flexible placement for different high-end project solutions.
  • IFC provides high-end console vanity counters to deliver an open area to place storage.


  1. Budgeted wholesale price

As a reliable luxury furniture supplier, IFC supplies furniture at budgeted prices. Reasonable wholesale price is one of the benefits for choosing IFC as a high-end furniture manufacturer.


  1. Experienced hotel furniture manufacturer

IFC is a luxury hotel furniture manufacturer providing furniture activities since 1993. Taking 1000 luxury hotels globally, IFC is confident to provide luxury one-stop furniture and turnkey solutions for hotels, resorts, and apartments.

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